C1 Grammar

C1 Grammatik
C1 Grammatik
C1 Grammatik
C1 Grammatik
C1 Grammatik
C1 Grammatik
C1 Grammatik
C1 Grammatik
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Learn German - A1 grammar

C1 Grammar

A good grammar foundation is vital for your success. That’s why at German Institute, we teach C1 grammar in a fun and interactive way. You won’t have to study complex, boring theories. Instead, you will be able to put grammar straight into practice. In your C1 grammar course, you will learn, for instance, how to express your opinion, react to other people’s opinions, and form more complex independent and dependent clauses. You will receive an answer for every question you have. Thus, you will be able to understand the logic of the German language. Additionally, you will have free grammar courses at your disposal to help you.

C1 Grammar (C1.1)

C1 Grammar (C1.2)

  • Conjunctional adverbs: “andernfalls” (“otherwise”), “folglich” (“consequently”), and “außer wenn” (“except when”)
  • Separable and inseparable verbs (trennbare und untrennbare Verben)
  • Forms of reported speech
  • Nominal and verbal styles
  • Subject and object clauses
  • Relative clauses (weiterführende Nebensätze)
  • Nominalisation and verbalisation of temporal clauses
  • Nominalisation and verbalisation of causal and modal clauses
  • Negative consecutive clauses using “zu…um zu/als dass” (“too…to”)
  • Nominalisation and verbalisation of concessive and final clauses


  • Infinitive clauses in simple present and past
  • Nominalisation and verbalisation of conditional clauses
  • Peculiarities of the passive voice
  • Modal participle
  • Subjective modal verbs: Expressing assertions
  • Subjective modal verbs: Expressing conjectures
  • Nominalisation and verbalisation of prepositional complements
  • Conjunctional adverbs: “allerdings” (“however”), “mittlerweile” (“meanwhile”), and “vielmehr” (“rather”)
  • Peculiarities of conditional clauses
  • Modal verbs
  • Verbs with prepositions

Recommended resources on C1 grammar

C1 Grammar

Grammar exercises – German as a foreign language, proficiency level C1/C2
(German) paperback – 1 July 2012

Price: 19.90 Euros

B2 Grammar

Grammatik aktiv – Deutsch als Fremdsprache – B2/C1: verstehen, üben, sprechen
Grammar exercises with online audio access
(German) paperback – 28 November 2017

Price: 18.25 Euros

C1 Grammar

Lehr- und Übungsbuch der deutschen Grammatik – aktuell
Textbook: revised edition / text and workbook
(German) paperback – 28 May 2009

Price: 32.50 Euros

C1 vocabulary at German Institute

You want to practise your vocabulary? German Institute offers you various free exercises.

Your C1 German language course at German Institute

In our C1 German language course at German Institute, you will study German grammar using structured techniques. You can do your course at our school facility or online. Our courses are communicative and primarily directed towards academics.