A1 Grammar

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A1 Grammar

The grammar in your A1 German course at German Institute is the key to your learning success.

In your A1 German course you will learn to understand everyday expressions and form simple sentences. You conjugate verbs and ask simple questions about yourself and others. You also learn to talk about the past.

Here you can find some free grammar exercises.

Learn German - A1 grammar

A1 Grammar (A1.1)

  • Conjugate verbs
  • W-Questions
  • Yes/No questions
  • Verbs with vowel change
  • Definite articles (the, the, the)
  • Indefinite articles (one, one, one)
  • Negative article (none, none, none)
  • Plural
  • Accusative
  • Modal verb “can
  • Sentence bracket
  • Verb position in sentence
  • Temporal prepositions
  • Modal verb “like” and “would like”
  • Composites (noun + noun)
  • separable verbs
  • non-separable verbs
  • Perfect with have
  • Be perfect with
  • Perfect with have and be

A1 Grammar (A1.2)

  • Local prepositions
  • Possessive pronouns
  • Temporal prepositions
  • Dative verbs
  • Personal pronouns
  • Word formation un-
  • Prepositions: with and without
  • Imperative
  • Preterite was, had
  • Perfect non-separable verbs
  • Personal pronoun in accusative, dative case
  • Preterite/Perfect
  • Modal verbs
  • Comparation
  • Conjunctions: but“, but, and, or.
  • Conjunctions: because“, because.
  • Word formation -los
  • Subjunctive II
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Repeat

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A1 Books

Looking for A1 grammar exercises? We recommend the following books.


Grammar exercises – German as a foreign language, proficiency level A1/A2(German) paperback – 1 May 2011

Price: 19.90 Euros

Grammatik aktiv

Practice grammar A1-B1 with audios online (German) Paperback – July 26, 2013

Price: 18.25 Euros

Step by step into grammar land 1

German as a Foreign Language / Exercise Grammar for Children and Adolescents (German) Paperback – February 1, 2019

Price: 21.50 Euros

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A1 Vocabulary

You want to practise your vocabulary? German Institute offers you various free exercises.

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A1 German course

In an A1 German course at German Institute you will learn German grammar systematically. You can do your course at our school facility or online. Our courses are communicative and primarily directed towards academics.

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