B2 Grammar

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B2 Grammar

In your B2 German course you will also learn to understand difficult texts, e.g. technical texts. You learn to justify your opinion and deepen the grammar learned in A1 – B1. There is also an additional focus on noun-verb compounds.

Here you can find some free grammar exercises:

Learn German - A1 grammar

B2 Grammar (B2.1)

B2 Grammar (B2.2)

  • Word order in a sentence
  • Negation
  • Negative prefixes
  • Negative suffixes
  • Comparative clauses with “als” (“than”), “wie” (“as”), and “je…desto/umso” (“the…the”)
  • the word “it
  • Two-part conjunctions
  • Connectors around to, without to, (instead of) to, infinitive and alternatives
  • Relative clauses with “who
  • Noun-verb combinations I
  • Noun-verb combinations II
  • Passive voice
  • Passive alternatives
  • Indefinite pronouns

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B2 Books

Looking for B2 grammar exercises? We recommend the following books.

Grammar active B2-C1

learn, practice, speak – Practice grammar – With PagePlayer app incl. Audios Paperback – December 12, 2017

Price: 19,99 Euro

B Grammar

Exercise grammar German as a foreign language, language level B1/B2 Paperback – 1. September 2011

Price: 19,90 Euro

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B2 Vocabulary

You want to practise your vocabulary? German Institute offers you various free exercises.

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B2 German language course

In our B2 German language course at German Institute, you will study German grammar using structured techniques. You can do your course at our school facility or online. Our courses are communicative and primarily directed towards academics.

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