C1 Vocabulary

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C1 Vocabulary

In the C1 German course you will also learn to understand implicit meanings and adapt your language according to the situation. Your use of language is now adequate in social and professional life and you can express your opinions spontaneously and fluently. You also write coherent texts and use means of linking texts. In your C1 German course you will thus deal with many complex topics and expand your vocabulary. You will talk about the different aspects of globalization, talk about economics, finance and investment. And also deal with current issues such as genetics, research and crime.

C1 Vocabulary (C1.1)

C1 Vocabulary(C1.2)

  • Time
  • Clubs
  • Internet
  • Finances
  • Online
  • Disagreements
  • Learning to speak
  • Communication
  • Career
  • Economy
  • Globalisation
  • Funding
  • Investment
  • Development
  • Volunteering


C1 Additional topics

  • Leisure
  • Sports
  • Tourism
  • City and countryside
  • Marriage and family
  • School
  • Science and future
  • Computer
  • Media
  • Advertisement
  • Environmental protection
  • Societal roles
  • Generations
  • Medical science
  • Culture
  • Migration
  • Employment and unemployment
  • Addiction
  • Crime
  • Fellow human beings
  • Home office

C1 Grammar

You want to practise your grammar? German Institute offers you various free exercises.