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A1 German courses

You can understand and use everyday expressions and simple phrases. You can write simple personal letters, postcards, and e-mails.

A2 German courses

You have elementary language skills to cope with everyday situations. You can use the language flexibly and effectively in your social life, work environment, and studies.

B1 German courses

You can understand the main points when clear standard language is used and when it is about familiar things from work, school, leisure, etc.

B2 German courses

You can communicate spontaneously and fluently and express yourself clearly and differentiatedly on a wide range of topics, also in discussions. You can weigh clear arguments against each other.

C1 German courses

You can express yourself in a clear, structured and detailed manner on complex issues.

C2 German courses

You can understand everything without effort and summarize information. You can justify recorded statements and explain them coherently. You can also express yourself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely.