Free of charge for all our participants

All inclusive package


Learning tips, visa, extra assignments, studying, working in Germany, feedback sessions, individual solutions


Level, strengths, weaknesses, individual learning package

Text correction

Every week your trainer will correct your texts and give you feedback.

Books + additional material

Paper books + digital books (for fast learners: e.g. people, aspects new, context)

Online platform

Exercises, communication, interactive material

Pronunciation training

Our pronunciation training has several tips and tricks for you on how to pronounce difficult sounds in German!

Special courses

Swabian, idioms, presenting, German history and many more topics in our special courses…

Exam Training

Whether Goethe or telc, with us you will learn different strategies that will help you pass the exam without any problems


TV Tower, House of History, Porsche Museum, Mercedes Benz Museum… these and more places you can visit with us for free. Get to know the German culture and new people and improve your German language skills at the same time.

Grammar courses

Main and subordinate clauses, accusative, dative, participle II… every week you can join FREE grammar courses at German Institute.

Business courses

Do you want to work in Germany or do you already have a job in Germany? Then this special course is perfect for you! Here we learn important areas from the German working life and learn important idioms for it!

Conversation courses

What do you think about nuclear energy? What is your opinion on the legalization of marijuana? What do you think of the idea of offering free buses and subways in cities? If you have trouble putting your opinions and arguments into words on these topics, we can help! In our special course you will learn important phrases for a discussion, which you can use to answer the questions.


different text types
authentic texts
Targeted use of music, games and group work
Reading Strategies


communicative didactics
Practice of listening strategies


different text types
authentic texts
Targeted use of music, games and group work
Reading Strategies


communicative games and scenarios
many speech options
student-centered teaching


Access to interactive grammar exercises
Creation of a task collection that is tailored to your individual needs
interactive testing of your grammar skills at levels A1-C1

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