B1 Vocabulary

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B1 Vocabulary

In the B1 German course you will be prepared, among other things, for situations in everyday working life. You can handle conversations on the phone well, write emails and business letters. You write your first application in German, including everything that needs to be included: cover letter, resume and attachments. You could also master a job interview in simple German.

In the B1 German course you will also learn to communicate on various topics. These include, for example, art, politics, history and the environment. You will also learn to express your opinion, to agree and disagree with others: What is important in a friendship? Who is your role model? What does happiness mean to you? What do you think about digital learning? How do you find dating sites? You can comment on these and many other questions. You also learn to talk about more abstract topics such as your character traits, strengths and weaknesses, your health, your diet, and your life dreams.


A2 Vocabulary

B1 Vocabulary (B1.1 basics)

B1 Vocabulary (B1.2 basics)

B1+ Wortschatz (B1 plus – part 1)

  • Life’s dreams
  • Friendship
  • Role models
  • Joy
  • Living space
  • Homelessness
  • Eating habits
  • Health
  • Stress
  • Leisure
  • Board games
  • Adventure
  • Guided city tours
  • Education
  • Digital learning

B1+ Vocabulary (B1 plus – part 2)

  • Jobs
  • Independence
  • Job application
  • Ways of life
  • Love
  • Matchmaking/online dating
  • Product description
  • Consumption
  • Customer complaints
  • Advertisement
  • Travel
  • Environmental issues
  • Animal protection

B1 Grammar

You want to practise your grammar? German Institute offers you various free exercises.