A1 Vocabulary

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A1 Vocabulary

You already learn to communicate in German in the A1 German course. At first, you still speak in simple sentences. Your A1 course will teach you, for example, how to greet others and how to say goodbye to them. You learn to ask how they are feeling and introduce yourself. Additionally, you will learn to speak about your job and personal life. But friends and family, too, are important topics in your A1 German course. That’s why you learn to date and share with them. You also talk about your interests and hobbies, travel and parties. You’ll also learn how to make simple phone calls, ask for help, and make requests. Thus, you will be able to make your way around Germany better. We will prepare you for essential everyday situations. These include, for example, a visit to the doctor, a shopping trip, etc.

In our A2 German language course at German Institute, you will study a vast vocabulary using structured techniques. You can do your course at our school facility in the center of Stuttgart or online. Our courses are communicative and primarily directed towards academics.

A1 Vocabulary (A1.1)

A1 Vocabulary (A1.2)

A1 Grammar

You want to practise your grammar? German Institute offers you various free exercises.