A2 Vocabulary

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A2 Vocabulary

In your A2 German course you will learn to successfully master everyday situations in German. You learn to name the things around you: What are the names of the groceries in the supermarket? What are the names of the utensils you use every day? In addition to your everyday work, you will also learn how to deal with communicative situations in your free time. You’ll learn to order in a restaurant, fill out forms, find your way around while traveling, and go to the post office. Now you can talk to your friends about topics like family, activities, sports, events but also the weather. If you are sick or have an accident, you can describe your situation in simple German.


A2 Vocabulary (A2.1)

A2 Vocabulary (A2.2)

  • Study tips
  • Mail
  • Media
  • In the hotel
  • Travel and traffic
  • Weather
  • Events
  • Press and books
  • Documents
  • Internet and online registrations
  • School and training
  • Mobility

A2 Grammar

You want to practise not only your A2 vocabulary but also your grammar? German Institute offers you various free exercises.