B2 German language course

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B2 German courses

You can communicate spontaneously and fluently and express yourself clearly and differentiatedly on a wide range of topics, also in discussions. You can write clear, detailed texts on various topics, weighing arguments against each other.

Your B2 German language course at German Institute takes place in our school facility in Stuttgart or online. We offer German Intensive, German in the evening and German on weekends. We follow European standards for quality.

You will receive an all-inclusive package. For instance, you will receive free books. You will also be able to take part in many German language courses on grammar, pronunciation, conversation, and exams for free. Learn more about our concept today.


450€/ month

at school or online
80 lessons
Monday – Friday
08:15 – 11:30
11:45 – 15:00
15:15 – 18:30

B1 German course


320€/ 9 weeks

at school or online
45 lessons
Monday + Wednesday
18:45 – 21:15
Tuesday + Thursday
18:45 – 21:15
Friday, 6:45 – 8:15 p.m., Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

B2 Vocabulary

In your B2 German course you will also learn to understand complex texts and conversations. So you can now converse normally with native speakers. You can also express advantages and disadvantages on many current topics. Where do you stand on issues like emigration, poverty, gender roles, and science? In your own specialty, you can understand and participate in professional discussions yourself. You express your experiences, adventures and wishes. It’s perfectly normal for you to make mistakes. But these mistakes now rarely lead to misunderstandings.

B2 Grammar

In your B2 German course you will also learn to understand difficult texts, e.g. technical texts. You learn to justify your opinion and deepen the grammar learned in A1 – B1. There is also an additional focus on noun-verb compounds.

Learn German A1 - online

B2 Exam.

You are a student at German Institute and would like to take the B2 exam here with us? Are you part of an intensive course? Then you will be able to take the exam for free and receive your official B2 certificate.

Are you part of an evening course or a weekend course? Then you can take an exam on a separate date and receive an official B2 certificate.


For anyone who wants to learn German in a modern and fun but also really effective way, I would sincerely recommend taking courses at German Institute.